7 Things Leaders Should Avoid Doing

22 ноября 21

Being a leader requires a slew of duties, including dealing with workplace challenges and leading by example. As the person in control, others expect high standards from you, and managing a large group of people might be a challenge.  

No one is perfect, though, and there is always space to learn and improve. Here are seven typical leadership mistakes and how to avoid them to become a better leader.

Not communicating or bonding with your team 

A leader who is uninterested on a personal level is doomed to fail. Even if you’re intellectually interested in others but don’t make time to “connect” with them, you miss the objective. Bonding doesn’t require you to become best friends but instead get to know your team or employees emotionally. You should get to know them and figure out what motivates them. 

Being unavailable

Sometimes, some supervisors are unresponsive. They might have loads of work. They might also be at a corporation level where they’re dealing with issues on a much larger scale. However, given that levels and scales are within reach, failing to respond is a terrible habit. If you don’t have the time, say so and, if needed, direct the person to someone else who can help. Avoid becoming an unresponsive bottleneck for your team and the company.

Not solving conflicts

Learning how to handle conflicts or concerns is one of the most challenging tasks any leader must make. You want to be fair and equal while avoiding possible confrontation. And it can get tricky at times. However, not talking over conflicts and not coming up with a reasonable solution will only worsen matters. Also, it could potentially create tension amongst the team or other employees. When possible, talk in private and come to a compromise with all parties involved. 

Forgetting to give regular feedback

People will continue doing a good job when they know they’re on the right track. Leaders frequently overlook this requirement, depriving people of feedback that is key for their growth and future. While difficult feedback can be hurtful, knowledgeable leaders know how to provide it in such a manner that it changes into a benefit. Then people will respond with, “Thank you – give me more!” For talented individuals who want to learn, any feedback (not criticism) is valuable. Develop your capacity to communicate tricky realities about performance and open the way to success.

Keeping tasks for yourself and not delegating

Companies hire or promote leaders because they understand what needs to be done and accomplish it. Sometimes you might even catch yourself thinking, “do it yourself if you want it done correctly.” This can be a bad attitude to adopt when leading a team. 

Completing or tweaking employees’ work because you don’t like it or failing to delegate responsibilities not only adds to your workload but also prevents your team from reaching its full potential. Shift your focus on managing communication between your team and other stakeholders and trust your team. 

Working without a vision or goals

A lack of vision will hamper a company’s and team’s success. Setting expectations and goals for your company or team and holding each member accountable for meeting them is your role as a leader. Have meetings for sprints at the beginning of each quarter and year to set up OKRs so that everyone is on the same page and knows what job needs to be done. 

Hiring people who are as good or worse than you

It might seem different at first, but hiring people who are better than you will pay off. The reason is, if you continue to hire people who perform as well as (or worse than) you, the company will not develop and mature—it might end up not meeting its goals. You should hire people who are better than you and cherish them. Solidify this critical mindset so that your future colleagues can continue the legacy you’ve established. 

Becoming the best leader for your team and company is not impossible but critical for success.

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